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Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is an efficient, sustainable technology well proven in industrial scale to convert organic waste in valuable resources as renewable biogas and high quality biofertilizers.
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Biomethane Production

Biomethane is renewable natural gas produced from biogas using specific upgrading technologies. It is used as biofuel or for cooking, heating or electricity production and allows highest possible energy efficiency. Read more

Waste Recycling

Modern and efficient waste sorting plants recover valuable recyclables from municipal solid waste e.g. plastic fractions, metals, paper. The recyclables are used for new recycled products and natural resources are saved on. Waste recycling is an effective contribution to support circular economy. Read more

Plant Optimization

Intelligent optimization of existing waste treatment plants can lead to significant improvements of plant economy. The activities include increase of capacity, energy production and recycling rates. Furthermore, the optimization of energy efficiency of the whole plant is of great meaning. Read more

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Anaerobic digestion plant for VafabMiljö, Västerås, Sweden

VafabMiljö, the municipal waste association of Västmansland has, after a European tendering procedure, signed a partnering agreement with Dieffenbacher GmbH for the design, engineering and extension of the existing anaerobic digestion plant for separately collected organic waste.

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News feasibility studies on AD input and output finalised

Different feasibility studies have been prepared for our customers. The studies handle different subjects and market sectors around the input and output of anaerobic digestion plants. E.g. the production of renewable natural gas from biogas instead of producing electricity in Germany.

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Anaerobic digestion plant in Istanbul

We have received the order for the engineering of the first anaerobic digestion plant that will treat kitchen waste from the City of Istanbul, Turkey. The anaerobic digestion plant includes waste reception, pretreatment, hygienization, digestion, digestate treatment,...

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