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About us

We are an international active engineering company and are busy with technical solutions around the recycling of municipal, industrial and agricultural organic waste and biomass including the recovery of valuable resources and bioenergy. We support our customers with all engineering services that are required to realize projects starting from the first technical concept until the end of the plant realization.

Our activities are based on long time experience that our key staff has from long standing international activities in the waste recycling and the anaerobic digestion business.

The company is managed by Dr.-Ing. Dieter Korz (left) and Dipl.-Ing. Michael Donderer (right), a leader team that works together since 25 years. The two CEO´s have years of experience in all areas related the international, environmental process engineering plant construction business. They have been involved in the realization of numerous big scale turnkey projects for waste recycling, anaerobic digestion and biomethane production all over the world.

A highly motivated and experienced engineering team is established together with our main shareholder, proweps GmbH. We share the resources and that gives us the necessary flexibility to provide cost-effective, high quality engineering services to our customers.

Our qualified team works with the most modern Auto-CAD hard- and software systems. We are well connected within an international network and cooperate project specific with other partners to provide the comprehensive engineering solutions that our customers require.

Worldwide we cooperate with local partners with whom in trustful partnership we jointly develop projects.

Our key advantages:
• Long standing international experience
• Highly qualified engineering team
• Exceptionally process know how
• Extensive engineering services for integral technical solutions
• Innovation

A branch from proweps envirotec GmbH was established in Esslingen in 2019.