VafabMiljö, the municipal waste association of Västmansland has, after a European tendering procedure, signed a partnering agreement with Dieffenbacher GmbH for the design, engineering and extension of the existing anaerobic digestion plant for separately collected organic waste.

proweps envirotec GmbH is Dieffenbacher´s nominated subcontractor for special process engineering services. The project teams of the three partners have met in December at VafabMiljö´s corporate building in Västerås to sign the contract.

In the partnership agreement proweps envirotec will provide all necessary process design, detail engineering and commissioning services that are required for the new installations of the plant.

The works include the extension and modernization of the existing anaerobic digestion plant that is successfully in operation since 14 years. The main target of the works is to increase the treatment capacity, the biomethane production and the efficiency of the plant.

Works have started and it is expected to finish the works in summer 2020. Project execution with a partnering agreement is a new way to execute projects in a very transparent way and is based on “open books” principle.