Proweps envirotec is engaged in the running project to modernize and extend the existing anaerobic digestion plant of VafabMiljö in Västeras, Sweden. The complete 3D-engineering, project management and supervision of construction and commissioning is Proweps scope.

In the frame of the project, VafabMiljö is modernising the biogas plant and upgrading it with a second line. The capacity of the entire plant will be expanded by 40,000 t of food waste and other liquid organic waste. The modern technology increases operational reliability and efficiency – especially the biogas yield between 10 and 20% – while methane losses and energy consumption are reduced. In a new additional gas upgrading plant, raw gas is also processed into vehicle gas with a total capacity of 2.7 million cubic meters. The high quality liquid fermentation residues produced for agriculture meet the requirements of the SPCR120 quality assurance.

Many new technical innovations are being implemented in the project. therefore it is co-financed by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency through Klimatklivet.

An interesting article about the running project was recently published in the journal Nordiska Projekt. The complete article is available here:

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Picture: Effective and modern biogas plant in Västeras, Sweden – Source Vafab

VafabMiljö Biogas plant