The Asian Region joins in the necessary development with a large number of projects and concepts in order to meet the global environmental, recycling and climate change requirements like it is done e.g. in Europe or the United States. Before this background Azyro Infratech, India and proweps envirotec GmbH, Germany, have entered a strategic partnership and formed the branch “azyroproweps envirotec”, under the leadership of Dieter Korz, Nakul Sardana and Michael Donderer which is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.




Azyroproweps envirotec brings with itself rich expertise in the areas of Design, Engineering, Project Management, Execution and Consulting services in Sustainability Recycling and Renewable Energy Production and is therefore able to combine the very specific and differing geographical requirements of Europe and the Asian region. The expertise is based on the realization of more than 150 big-scale turnkey projects for waste recycling, anaerobic digestion, and biomethane production all over the world. Further detailed experiences are given in the area of biogas upgrading, bio-CNG, composting, waste sorting, mechanical biological treatment MBT, refuse derived fuels RDF, waste to energy, sanitation and the wastewater sector.

All in all with the new branch azyroproweps envirotec there will be a powerful and experienced counterpart for environment projects in the Asian region.