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Plant optimization

Waste treatment plants are operated over many years and therefore there is usually a need to carry out optimizations on the plants.

A. Reasons for plant optimization

The reasons for plant optimization needs are diverse:

1. New legal framework

2. New waste streams

3. Modified waste management strategies

4. Change in waste composition

5. Technical problems

6. New technologies


B. Objectives of plant optimization

The main objectives of plant optimization measures are:

1. Improving the efficiency and profitability of the plant

2. Capacity increase

3. Compliance with new legal requirements


C. Priorities for optimization

Our priorities and experience in optimizing waste treatment facilities:

1. Alternative energy use concepts for biogas (biomethane, bio-CNG, bio-LNG, ORC)

2. Minimizing rejects fractions from waste treatment (by mechanical or biochemical treatment)

3. Increase in biogas yield (mechanical and biochemical biomass treatment, alternative energetic waste fractions)

4. Reduction of energy consumption (substitution of energy-intensive machines)

5. Technology optimization and new technologies (treatment, pasteurisation, biogas conditioning, biogas utilization, digestate treatment)

6. Digitization

D. Inventories for economical optimization

In particular, measures to improve the economic viability of waste treatment plants are of great importance to plant operators. In several steps, the optimization proposal is developed after the inventory of the plant has been taken up.

We support our customers from the inventory to the implementation of the optimization measures with the following activities:

1. Inventory

2. Identification of optimization potential

3. Feasibility

4. Evaluation of funding opportunities

5. Implementation (planning, implementation, commissioning)

There are numerous state funding programs that support those activities that contribute to climate protection or improve resource and energy efficiency. We check for our customers which funding programs can be used to optimize investments and in this context take over the contact and application with the relevant project promoters.