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As part of our business activities we offer a complete range of different consulting and engineering services to our customers that are required during the different phases of a project.

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1. Consulting
We advise you on fundamental questions about your projects, inform you about technological possibilities and make recommendations on project realization.

2. Pre-Engineering

The realization of a project idea, the creation of the offer as well as participation in the competition required certain engineering services that are required in the course of the project development. These include, above all: Process design, plant dimensioning, process flow diagram, mass balance, energy balances, layout drawings, technical specifications, project description.

3. Tenders

We prepare the detailed tender specifications for the different parts of an integral project and evaluate the supplier offers. The technical and commercial evaluation results are summarized in a report.

4.Technology selection

After final evaluation of the supplier offers we recommend to our customers the most feasible technology.

5.Feasibility studies

As a basis for the decision to realize a project opportunity it is imperative to prepare the feasibility study. We provide feasibility studies including detailed business plans for the integral technical project solution. The business plan includes a detailed analysis of all costs and revenues and economic results over the whole project period. The feasibility study is the important information for internal decisions procedures and approval by the company management.


1. Planning

We prepare the planning that is required to prepare the approval application according to the national approval regulations. The service includes:

  • Project description
  • Process description
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Equipment specifications
  • Mass balance
  • Energy balance
  • Technical drawings (floor plan, arrangement drawing, plant views)
  • Ex-protection classification
  • Safety calculations
  • Safety report
  • Emissions

2. Application

Based on the planning we support our customers to prepare the application to receive the approval for realization and operation of the plants.


3. Participation during approval procedure

The approval procedure is usually a time consuming process and normally the authorities require clarifications related to the application. We support our customers during the approval procedure with participations in meetings with the authorities and necessary clarifications.


1. Basic engineering

We provide following engineering documents during the basic engineering phase of projects:

  • Basic mechanical equipments dimensioning
  • Process flowchart (PFD) and basic flowcharts (PID)
  • Energy and mass balance
  • Basic piping, equipment and instrumentation list
  • Civil engineering basic plans with details of requirements, shapes and loads for pits, ditches, tanks, etc.
  • Contract technical specifications list
  • Effluent’s data: flow and composition
  • Electric consumers list (basic)
  • Main equipments datasheet
  • General layout
  • Inspection Technical Points
  • General layout drawing
  • Technical description
  • Utilities (water, compressed air, sanitation, etc.) specification and needs
  • Interfaces between different plant components

2. Detail engineering

We provide following engineering documents during the detail engineering phase of projects:

  • Atex areas definition
  • Automatismus principles
  • Buried piping and drainage plans
  • Civil engineering detailed plans with details of requirements, shapes and loads for pits, ditches, tanks, etc.
  • Concrete embedded parts detailed plans
  • Control architecture
  • Energy balances
  • Mass balances
  • Detail P&ID: Including equipment, instrumentation and control codification
  • General plant layout with sections
  • Detailed arrangement drawings with equipment location
  • Installation layout
  • Electric consumers list
  • Electrical diagrams (typical)
  • Instrument lists
  • Valve list
  • Functional description (alarm list, interlock and sequences description)
  • Inspection Technical Points Follow up
  • Inspection Technical Points specifications and requirements
  • Interface plans. Breakthrough walls
  • Isometric plans (piping, cabling, tracing…)
  • Main bearing accessories plan (structures, etc.)
  • Main chemical resources
  • Measure plans, section plans and material lists of principal and auxiliary equipments
  • Piping bearing accessories plans
  • Piping, equipment and instrumentation datasheets
  • PLC programming specification
  • As-built drawings


3. Procurement support

We support our customers to purchase all necessary equipment for the plants. The service includes:

  • Preparation of request for proposals from suppliers based on detailed technical specifications
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of supplier prposals
  • Supplier recommendations

We also support our customers in the construction phase through the supply of key process equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, valves, instruments etc.) or key process package units (pretreatment, pasteurization, bioreactors, biogas cleaning, PLC etc.).

Ordering key equipment or key process units at us reduces risk of orders for critical process equipment and reduces time consuming purchasing activities.

Using our process competence and long-standing experience also in supply of critical process components allows our customers to focus their activities on own competences. Thus not only risk is reduced but also according to experience project realization can be accelerated.


4. Project management

We provide project management services to our customers. These services include:

  • Team management
  • Supervision of financial budget
  • Supervision of time planning
  • Customer communication


5. Construction management

We provide construction management services and support the plant construction activities of our customers. These services include:

  • Site acceptance of supplier’s equipment
  • Coordination and supervision of supplier´s construction activities on site
  • Control of construction progress
  • Regular construction reports


6. Commissioning management

We provide commissioning management services during the cold and hot commissioning period:

  • Commissioning program
  • Plant safety control
  • Signal and PLC control
  • Instructions and supervision of customers commissioning staff
  • Regular commissioning reports
  • Supervision of process performance

Our commissioning engineers have excellent process knowledge and are already involved in the project during the engineering phase. All experiences from plants that have been commissioned from us are considered in the design of new plants.